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Carmen, Baroness of Pinopar, was born in Spain in 1952 by the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Her father was a descendant of the Imperial and Royal Houses of Europe and her mother was born during an earthquake at the foot of the Aconcagua, the sacred Stone Guardian of the Andes Mountains. As a baby, Carmen was offered to the Black Madonna of Montserrat and since a tender age she showed a natural gift for rituals. After studying Theory of Communication at the University of Madrid, she trained and worked with spiritual teachers, healers and shamans from many cultures.

Carmen is now a grandmother and lives in Canada. She guides Angels ceremonies, teaches and writes. She has authored a set of Angels books that present in balance the two seemingly diverse Angels traditions, the Path of the Wise and the Path of the Mystic. She thinks that the mystic and the magician are like the right hand and the left hand, the Sun and the Moon, and that God made humans in His own image, with two hands divinely designed to work in conjunction.

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The Path of The Wise and The Path of The Mystic

Human beings are naturally at least a little bit mystic and a little bit magic. The Path of the Wise names the Seven Archangels that rule the seven planets and the Path of the Christian Mystic reveals the names of the Seven Princes of the Apocalypse. In theory, even if both systems are anchored upon the seven days of the week, they are two distinct paths, each with its own code, that is, its own specific list of seven Angels names. In practice it is beneficial to learn from both and to integrate their apparent duality. I was born in Barcelona and I grew up immersed in the deeply mystic and intensely magical Mediterranean culture. I have walked both paths simultaneously since childhood and I do not feel they are in contradiction.

My father was born in Mallorca, a stronghold of the Knights Templar. I was imprinted with his belief in the divine origin of our Ancestors, that is, he believed that the Habsburg-Lorraine bloodlines are linked to the Merovingian Kings, Mary Magdalene and the Holy Grail. He passed onto me his passion for tradition, ancient wisdom, history, archaeology, science and the natural, the supernatural, the paranormal and everything else that is odd or mysterious.

He planted in me the seeds of our family's ancient devotion to the Seven Angels Princes of the Apocalypse. The Roman Catholic Church tolerated the Spanish monarchy and the Imperial House of Habsburg to invoke the Princes in private but they were pressured not to promote their devotion in public. I present this mystic path in The Seven Princes of the Angels: Prayers with the Antique Images and in The Seven Princes of the Angels, St. Michael, St. Gabriel, St. Raphael, St. Uriel, St. Sealtiel, St. Jehudiel and St. Barachiel: The Septenary, a devotion to be practiced in private. And four booklets dedicated to St. Michael, St. Gabriel, St. Raphael and the Guardian Angel.

My father taught me astral flight when I was seven years old. There was a twinkle in his eye every time he mentioned that our family gave employment to the most famous astrologers, among them Agrippa, Ficcino and Nostradamus. He was proud of the role that our forefathers played in the preservation of ancient knowledge. He was especially proud that our ancestor King Alphonse X the Wise in the 13th century rescued and translated extremely rare books, among them the Sefer Raziel, (The Book of the Archangel Raziel), Picatrix (the Book of the Wise), and El Lapidario (The Lapidary). These are seminal books of astrological magic and it is thanks to the Wise King that these texts were preserved and not lost. From my mother I learned the folk magic rituals and remedies used in Latino cultures. I have become a living encyclopedia on this subject. I am particularly good in the area of "candle magic" and in the making of traditional Angelic planetary charms and talismans that attract good fortune and dispel misfortune.

I am married to Edahwinah, Bear Clan from the Ojibwa tribe. From this union I learned that my Seven Spanish Angels work well with the Good Medicine Elders and the Good Spirits of the Original Peoples because the good Angels of God are glad to ally with those who fight malignant spirits and evil.

The Handbook of Angel Lore collects the bits of magical wisdom that I have absorbed from my father and mother's cultures and from my own life experience.

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Seven Princes of the Angels Prayers with Antique Images

The Seven Princes of the Angels Prayers with Antique Images, by Antonio del Duca, is a short booklet, but in its few pages it transmits the essence of transcendental millenary mystic revelations. It was first published in Latin in the 16th century and since then it has been used as reference in many scholarly publications. This is its first English translation. This rare booklet is held in great esteem by theologians and devotees because it presents the names, natures and invocations of the Seven Angels Princes of the Apocalypse. It transmits with simplicity a correct method to establish a relationship with them. This method has been tested by time and these seven incorporeal beings had been contacted for centuries with good results. This small book is of great importance today when so many New Age Angel invocations and images are being “channeled” and presented to the public without genuine proof that the spirits being contacted are bona fide holy Spirits of God and not deceivers. It should be of interest for all spiritual seekers even if they are not Christian.In the Foreword the translator explains the booklet’s extraordinary historical context and in the Appendix she decodes for the modern reader the symbolism of the images.

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Handbook of Angel Lore

The Handbook of Angel Lore reveals the principles and methods of traditional folk Angel Magic. It is suited for anyone seeking happiness and to better their life and the life of those around them. In this practical step-by-step how-to guide, each subject becomes like a small door that opens into a vast chamber of ancient wisdom that was developed through the ages.

The Handbook aligns all magical activity with the Good Angels of God. It focuses attention and intention by teaching the basic building blocks of the 3 kinds of magic: divination, willpower and theurgy, in a safe and time-tested manner. It is a good "how-to book" for beginners and it should be of interest for the general public as well as to experienced magicians. The Handbook is not a book of High Magic, but for magic to be true, the principles used must remain the same no matter if the magic is worked by a Magus or by a shaman or by a grandmother in her kitchen.

The Handbook presents an accessible and authentic form of theurgy and physical prayer and thus the selected invocations and rituals have the potential to produce miracles, big and small, to enlighten the spirit, to heal, to protect from misfortune and to attract and increase love, abundance, success and good fortune.

Among the topics are: Sacred Geometry, the Altar, the Four Archangels of the Solar Wheel, the Seven Planetary Angels, The Guardian Angel, the Archangel Birth Registry, Candle and Letter Lore, Healing Baths, House Cleansing, Sigils, Divination, Basic Astrology and a large selection of ancient Angels Amulets, Prayers and Spells to remedy life’s tribulations.

This book brings the reader back to the historic and true origins of all the modern self-help methods, positive psychology and the “laws of attraction” made popular in our times by bestsellers such as, "The Secret”. It restores the spirit dimensions that were removed from these techniques when they were adapted in the 20th century.

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Prime Minister of God
Archangel Saint Michael 

To read this booklet honors Archangel Saint Michael because it presents a resplendent vision of his greatness. To contemplate Michael brings us closer to him. It helps us to become more aware of his presence in our lives and to appreciate what he does for us. The Prime Minister of God, Archangel Saint Michael was published in 1684 during the Spanish Baroque period. Father Francisco Garcia was a reputed professor of humanities and theology deeply devoted to the Angels. He postulates the unique Angelic nature of Michael and how he came to be the head of each of the Nine Angelic Choirs. He thinks that not only is Michael supreme among all the Angels and the Chieftain of the Nine Choirs, but that he simultaneously is an Angel, an Archangel, a Principality, a Domination, a Virtue, a Power, a Throne, a Cherubim and a Seraphim. Garcia explains why Archangel St. Michael should be honored, what pleases him and how to oblige him. He explains how to do Saint Michael’s Novena and the rewards attached to its practice.

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The Ambassador of Good News
Saint Gabriel Archangel

Father Francisco Garcia thinks that if we may honor Saint Michael with the title of The Angel of the Lord, then we should honor Saint Gabriel with the title of The Angel of the Lady. He presents Saint Gabriel Archangel through the contemplation of the Incarnation. It is by exploring Gabriel’s role as Ambassador of the Great Mystery that we get a radiant glimpse of the magnificence of his true Angelic nature. It is specifically in Father Garcia’s writings about the Angel of the Annunciation that the close relationship between Mary and Gabriel is presented in its entire splendor.  

F. Garcia was a true devotee of the Angels and a luminary of the Spanish Baroque period. The booklet may be short but its value is beyond measure. It is believed that to read it is an act of virtue and it pleases all Angels. In particular it fosters our relationship with Archangel Gabriel and guarantees his blessing. To read it is literally to make an offering to the great Angel Prince. It can be read again (completely or just a portion of it) anytime one wishes to honor Gabriel or request his assistance. To gift copies to others generates merit with the Sovereign Spirit because it spreads the devotion. If you find the Baroque language beautiful but difficult, then read only one page at a time, the effort is what generates the merit.

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The Perfect Doctor
Saint Raphael Archangel

At the height of the Spanish Baroque period, Father Francisco Garcia portrayed Raphael in all his splendor by painting an exalted view of his true and unique Angelic nature. He carefully weaved scripture with the experiences of mystic visionaries and the opinions of Catholic saints and scholars to ensure that his writings remained within the strict boundaries of orthodoxy.

Archangel Raphael says in the Book of Tobit: I am Raphael, one of the seven angels who stand ever ready to enter the presence of the glory of the Lord, and in this booklet Father Francisco Garcia affirms that "St. Raphael is one of the Seven Angels spoken of in the Book of Revelation."

The theologian pushes the limits of what the Inquisition permitted to print when he names these Seven Apocalyptic Angels. The Roman Catholic Church tolerated the private devotion to the Seven Princes but it prohibited to publish their names in any form. Notably, F. Garcia obtained the ecclesiastic permission to print and the seven names were not censured.

The booklet was not intended to be read just once. It was meant to be read and reflected upon and thus honor this sovereign Prince of the Angels, whose name means Medicine of God, to cultivate a relationship with him and to generate merit. It was first published in 1683 in Madrid and over the centuries it was printed many times by devotees and quoted extensively by scholars.

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The Faithful Companion
Our Guardian Angel

Most people report feeling presence of their Guardian Angel while reading this booklet, published in 1683. The theologian Father Francisco Garcia clearly explains who this creature is and what role he plays in our life. He tells us the three things we owe to our Guardian Angel, which are respect for his presence, devotion for his benevolence and trust for his custody. His prayer to the Guardian Angel on page 23 is a masterful distillation of classic Baroque language.

The concepts that Garcia presents under the heading “Other Guardian Angels to whom we must have devotion” have been mostly forgotten in modern times. Many people, including Catholics, will be surprised by the exquisite simplicity of the devotions that he counsels to exercise in their honor. He also recommends to pay respect to the Guardian Angels of the Elements and to the Guardian Angels of all creatures that directly or indirectly contribute to our preservation.

It is notable that this booklet obtained the Ecclesiastic permission to print because it reveals the names of the Seven Archangels. To write or to print any of the Angels names besides Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, was forbidden. 



The Seven Princes of the Angels: Prayers with the Antique Images



The Seven Princes of the Angels, St. Michael, St. Gabriel, St. Raphael, St. Uriel, St. Sealtiel, St. Jehudiel and St. Barachiel: The Septenary, a devotion to be practiced in private.



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Astral Flights 
Seven Archangels Heavenly Mansions. 


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